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Talking about Early Childhood Development in Australia

1 Mins read

It is easy to get lost in translation when talking about early childhood. There are a number of barriers to being heard and understood.

The public has multiple ways of thinking about children’s development and the factors that shape it. This guide identifies the key challenges and opportunities for communicators. It provides guidance on navigating public beliefs and assumptions. It can help build better understanding of how children develop in the early years and why this matters to everyone.

This guide is part of the Core Story for Early Childhood Development and Learning in Australia, commissioned by CoLab, a partnership between the Telethon Kids Institute and the Minderoo Foundation. It builds on previous work on early childhood and parenting in Australia and precedes a comprehensive re-framing strategy to be published in 2020.

Source:  L’Hôte, E., Hawkins, N., & Kendall-Taylor, N. (2019). Talking About Early Childhood Development in Australia: Interim Guide for Communicators. Washington, DC: FrameWorks Institute. Authors Emilie L’Hôte, PhD, Senior Researcher and Manager of Qualitative Methods Nicky Hawkins, Senior Communications Strategist and UK Lead, Nat Kendall-Taylor, PhD, CEO

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