A Comprehensive Report on Child Care Performance.

Based on anonymised data gathered from over 4,100 respondents through a survey conducted in 2020, Early Years Research has prepared a 115-page, data-rich report reviewing childcare performance in the past year. The document also draws inference from multiple established sources, and includes commentary on the impact of COVID-19 on the performance of the ECEC sector.

Key Highlights

  • Occupancy up 28% despite COVID-19.
  • LDC and OSHC gain $3.2B in revenue.
  • The total number of LDC services increased 4.8% year-on-year across Australia in 2020, with a total of 8,035 services.
  • OSHC centres were hit hard across Australia, as revenue decreased by 35% year-on-year and the total number of services grew by a mere 0.4% in Q3-20.
  • Family Day Care (FDC) operators continued to decline by 13.6% year-on-year, down to 507 services in 2020.
  • Larger groups performed better under pressure, with 26% more revenue than the average service across Australia during COVID-19. Enterprise providers made up less than a quarter of the sector, but recorded the highest revenue of $1.3M per service.

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