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How Australia Can Invest in Children and Return More

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We realise there is a new urgency to embrace the potential returns on investment that come with early intervention. Australia has an ageing population, a declining tax base, increased intergenerational disadvantage and growing social issues in many communities.

Statement from the partners

This new report presents the opportunity for wise investments in evidence-based early intervention to radically change outcomes for Australian children and young people.

The number of children and young people experiencing serious life challenges in Australia is alarming and increasing.

Our report reveals that Australian governments are spending $15.2 billion each year on high-intensity and crisis services for problems that may have been prevented had we invested earlier and more wisely.

Stepping in with early intervention to provide support at the right time and in the right way can significantly reduce the demand for high-intensity and crisis services over time.

Early intervention can mean more young people have the best possible start in life while Australian governments maximise the impact of their spending with flow-on benefits to taxpayers.

Ensuring children and young people have access to effective, targeted early intervention (including services and programs) and effective support is
a social and economic priority for Australia.

We realise there is a new urgency to embrace the potential returns on investment that come with early intervention.

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Source: William Teager, Stacey Fox, Neil Stafford. PUBLISHER Early Intervention Foundation, The Front Project, Telethon Kids Institute

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