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2022 Weekly Sector Indicators

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2022 Weekly Sector Indicators (w/e 14JAN22) 

Services see a 30% increase of children in centres compared to last week’s occupancy numbers 

Gap fees across Australia saw a uniform rise, with New South Wales showing the biggest increase as it now sits at 0.20%.  
Childcare subsidy rates in the country also increased as New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Rest of Australia saw significant spikes, with Queensland having 68.80% more subsidies than last week. Australia, as a whole, experienced a 35.90% increase in subsidies.  

Occupancy rates followed suit with an average 134% increase for all of Australia. The biggest increase also came from Queensland as its occupancy rate shot up by 178.50% from last week. Other states experienced a comparable growth in occupancy rates, with New South Wales improving by 137.30%, followed by the Rest of Australia at 117.30%. 

The average daily rate of childcare in most states climbed by an average of 35.40%, with the state of Victoria logging the biggest increase in its ADR, sitting at $103.84. 

2022 Weekly Sector Indicators (w/e 07JAN22) 

Australia’s average daily rate sees a decline across all states 

For the week ending 07 January, data show negligible changes for services waiving the gap fee across all of Australia, with the rate remaining the same as last month at 0%. 

Queensland experiences the most significant drop in childcare subsidy as it dips by 39.74% for the week. The childcare subsidy rate across all states hovers below the 20% mark. 

Occupancy rates also declined throughout Australia, with the most considerable decrease in Queensland at 71.26%. New South Wales, Victoria and the Rest of Australia followed suit. 

As figures dip across the board, the average daily rate across the country continues to fall by an average of 17%, with Victoria recording the biggest decline as its ADR decreases by 21.93%. 

A chart showing weekly sector indicators on gap fees, childcare subsidy rates, occupancy rates and the average daily rate for New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Rest of Australia for the week ending  7 January.

2021 Weekly Sector Indicators Available Here

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