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NQF Annual Performance Report

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More than 900,000 families access education and care services for more than 1.3 million children.

As at 30 June 2019:

  • More than 15,900 children’s education and care services were approved to operate under the National Quality Framework (NQF), including:
    • »  7744 long day care services (49% of approved services)
    • »  4483 outside school hours care services (28%)
    • »  3106 preschools/kindergartens (20%)
    • »  582 family day care services (4%).
  • almost 7300 providers were approved to operate children’s education and care services, with 82% of these approved to operate a single service
  • the 10 largest providers in the country each operated more than 100 services, with a combined total of around 3200 services (20% of all approved services)
  • ‘private for profit’ providers operated around two thirds of long day care and family day care services, approaching half of approved outside school hours care services, and 2% of preschools/ kindergartens
  • ‘private not for profit community managed’ providers operated just under half of preschools/kindergartens, with more than a fifth of preschools/kindergartens being ‘state/territory and local government managed’4

Preschools in Tasmania, and most preschools in Western Australia, are outside the scope of the NQF, as are some other types of services nationally, such as occasional care services.

  • four-fifths of services were located in the three most populous states, with more than a third in New South Wales, more than a quarter in Victoria and just under a fifth in Queensland
  • almost three quarters of services were located in major cities, with a quarter in inner and outer regional Australia, and 2% in remote and very remote Australia
  • more than 14,900 services had a published quality rating against the National Quality Standard (NQS), with 79% rated Meeting NQS or above
  • of the roughly 3100 services rated Working Towards NQS, 30% received the rating due to not meeting three or fewer elements of quality
  • more than 4600 services were rated Exceeding NQS, with more than 1500 services receiving a rating of Exceeding NQS for all seven quality areas
  • on average, around 300 services were quality assessed and rated each month by state and territory regulatory authorities.

Long day care, outside school hours care services, and preschools/kindergartens are collectively referred to as centre-based services.

Source: Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) (2019), National Quality Framework Annual Performance Report, ACECQA, Sydney.
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