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Quality & Ratings

NQS Impact

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This report discusses how Programming & Planning Software can assist in each of the quality assessment areas.

The implementation of the National Quality Framework (NQF) was designed to drive ongoing improvements within Australia’s child care sector. This report shares insightful data as to how a child care’s National Quality Standards (NQS) rating impacts the performance of their service on various fronts. It also goes into detail as to how software can help with each of the seven quality assessment areas under NQS.

Key data:

  • Services using Programming & Planning Software saw a 6% increase in revenue.
  • Services that failed to meet the NQS had a reported ADR of $97 compared to the national average of $103, and an occupancy rate of 76% compared to 78% nationwide.
  • Staff costs for services that were “Working Towards” NQS were reportedly higher than average at 61%.
  • Services that exceeded NQS had a higher occupancy at 87%, compared to the reported national average at 78%

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