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Quality & Ratings

Q1 2021 Care Quality Insights

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The quarter saw steady growth in services, along with high quality ratings across education and care services in Australia.

30% more new services opened up than the previous quarter, with 85% of all services Meeting National Quality Standards (NQS) and beyond.

Key takeaways:

  • The number of services across Australia grew by 0.9%, from 16,403 centres in Q4-2020 to 16,275 Q1-2021.
  • OSHC saw the biggest growth among service sub-types at 1.31%, with 4,569 services, largely driven by an increase in centres in NT (3.64%), WA (3.06%), and NSW (2.63%).
  • This quarter, 85% of services were rated Meeting NQS and beyond. 30% of services rated Exceeding NQS/Excellent, the same as recorded in the previous quarter.


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