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Stories of the Invisible Children

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The Invisible Children report (2017) put forward several recommendations to tackle the growing developmental challenges facing Australian children. Stories of The Invisible Children examines the lived experiences of children, teachers and community members from rural towns across NSW between 2017 and 2018.

There is irrefutable evidence that timely intervention for children’s developmental challenges can make a significant difference to their life trajectory. Similarly, there can be lifelong disadvantages when children cannot access the help they need.

The lived experiences of families and service providers clearly demonstrate the need for more services for children’s developmental health. It is much harder for rural and remote families to access and coordinate help than for city families.

We cannot alter the distance between some families and the help they need. What we must do is coordinate and deliver services that do not require people to be in the same place at the same time. Telehealth is one solution, and more education is required to build clients’, educators’ and clinicians’understanding of the benefits of telehealth.

This report builds on the evidence presented through The Invisible Children research, bringing real life experience and perspectives to colour and amplify those findings. It tells the stories of The Invisible Children.

Source: Stories of the Invisible Children, February 2019 - Royal Far West

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